Hermes Marco Cinematographer

Hermes Marco is a cinematographer who, with his versatile story telling skills and artistic vision, creates stunning visual narratives and experiences, that appeal to audiences and film collaborators alike.  He’s a story-driven cinematographer who works closely with the Director, to bring to the fore the drama and emotion of each project, with a clear and distinct visual design.

Coming from a multicultural background with shooting experience in numerous countries, and speaking several languages, Hermes brings a truly global perspective to his craft.  His ability to connect with others in the collaborative process, and his innate team spirit make him a pleasure to work with. And this, combined with his naturally good sense of humour and enthusiasm, make for a happy and creative atmosphere in his work space.

In his approach to his craft he embraces both cutting-edge technologies and old-school analogue methods merging the past and the future in visually stunning results.  His technical expertise and flair, together with his duly recognised innovative lighting and artistry for composition, create immersive experiences that manage to capture the essence of each project he works on.  As a cinematographer Hermes brings innovation, a capacity for visual story telling, and an ability to experiment, that helps create an enriching cinematic experience that transcends the screen.


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